Everyone Counselling

Counselling is a private & confidential process which can help you deal with various issues, including:

Anxiety; Stress; Relationship Problems; Depression; Trauma; Loss & Death; Phobias; Bullying; to name but a few.

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide if personal counselling is what is needed. Check out some of the questions below, & if you can identify with any of them, you may benefit from engaging with a fully qualified & experienced counsellor

  • Do you feel moody, anxious or depressed?
  • Does it feel difficult to get out of bed in the morning; as if life is just not worth living?
  • Have you anger issues – do you lose control & then regret your behaviour?
  • Do you feel stressed or anxious – is it hard to “switch-off”?
  • Are you experiencing workplace problems – do you need mediation?
  • Have you low self-esteem?
  • Have you relationship problems – which might benefit from Relationship Counselling?
  • Are you finding it hard to come to terms with the death of a loved one?

Claire is a fully qualified & experienced Counsellor & Psychotherapist who works with both individuals & couples, to address the problems they are facing.

Counselling involves talking with someone who is non-judgemental; they are there to listen & hear what you need to say; they are there to help you find a way to explore your problems in a safe space & in this way seek out solutions in an effort to move on with your life in a more authentic way.