Relationship Counselling

Many  people in long-term couple relationships suddenly find themselves feeling alone or isolated in the relationship; “It’s not what it used to be…. I’m not in love with her/him anymore …. I don’t want to have sex ….I’m not happy ….. I don’t feel needed or wanted”.

Doing nothing may lead to a further deterioration of the relationship. It’s usual that this couple will find it very difficult to talk honestly to each other without ending up in a cycle of blame and accusation; leading to more distress. This couple may benefit from engaging in relationship counselling which is completely private & confidential.

When  people present for couples counselling, Claire who is a fully qualified & experienced counsellor & psychotherapist, helps them talk through their difficulties, in a safe, non-judgemental & non-confrontational environment.

There are no “sides” in the treatment setting; each individual is given equal space to voice their concerns & reveal their feelings. In a non-emotional way the counsellor helps the couple explore how they came to this place in their relationship; what their individual & couple needs are; what their hopes & dreams for the future are; what changes can & will be made. Key to the process is that everyone is honest in the process.