Workplace Problems

In the workplace, an employee has many challenges to overcome if experiencing issues of workplace-stress, workplace-bullying, anger, and/or abuse.
In many cases the bully may be their immediate superior.

If an employee confronts their manager directly, they risk a lot; a. aggravating the situation; b. being side-lined in their role; c. reducing their career prospects in the organisation. These are some of the possible negative outcomes. Of course, there’s also the possibility that the manager is unaware of their behaviour & as a direct result of the employee confrontation, they change their way of being.

Workplace stress may come about because of several reasons:
Being over-Worked
Irregular Hours/Split-Shifts
Poor Work-Life Balance
International &/or National Travel for Work Purposes
Poor Line Management
Personality Clash
Low Salary
Difficult Colleagues

Many companies offer employee assistance programmes, [EAP], to vulnerable or troubled employees. Claire sees clients who experience these types of problems & she also works as a consultant to an EAP organisation. It’s important to know that all client interactions are confidential and information is not shared with the clients company.

Claire will develop stress management programmes tailored to each client & she will introduce the client to relaxation techniques which they can use in any situation.