Anxiety is an emotion we all experience to a certain extent, it’s when anxiety becomes pervasive that problems may occur.

It’s usual to be a bit anxious prior to doing an exam or going to an interview; this person will probably be hyper-alert & have a poor appetite, they may hyperventilate or find themselves going to the toilet more frequently. This is typical behaviour when doing something that is not part of everyday life.

The individual who experiences persistent anxiety will find it almost impossible to relax. When they go to bed their head is swimming with thoughts & worries, they literally cannot switch off.

Some or all of the following feelings are present in someone who suffers from an anxiety problem: panic, sensing danger in ordinary situations, being nervous, a sense of powerlessness. Symptoms include sweating, trembling, rapid breathing, poor concentration, sleep disturbance, frequent urination.

Claire works with clients who are experiencing persistent anxiety to help them address the cause of this anxiety and to develop coping strategies to manage this condition.