Bullying behaviour occurs in many places, the workplace, school, college, at home, on the internet.
Bullying is all about control & power; the more successful the bullies activities, the more likely they are to escalate this behaviour.

The bully uses their power over their victim in a negative way to control them. Persistent bullying causes the victim to feel powerless. Repeated negative comments over a prolonged period of time come to be believed as the truth. Many victims of bullying say they feel stupid, ugly, inferior, useless.

There are several forms of bullying; psychological, physical &/or sexual & each of these causes enormous damage to the victim, which if not tackled will cause further deterioration of the individuals self-worth.

Claire works with clients in a sensitive way to firstly examine how they came to feel the way they do. Then over time, together they look at ways in which to change the way they perceive themselves. The next stage is to plan how to effect a change in their circumstances or relationships.